“For My Whole Family”

Outside looking in, Harvard just seems massive. I mean…MASSIVE! So in all this massiveness, how does a university giant like Harvard open it’s doors and show people the human side of who they are? Two words…Lucerito Ortiz.

In a delicately crafted and told story, Lucerito takes us on her journey of acceptance to one of the premier universities on the planet…Harvard. What’s surprising about this story is that it’s not laced with grandiose awards from over achievers. Come on, if you get accepted to Harvard we already know you’ve got a tad more upstairs than the average high school senior. This story brings authenticity and power from a far greater place. A place that Lucerito knows much more intimately than her beloved classroom. It’s her family.

Lucerito understands her accomplishments were not achieved alone. Mom and Dad sacrificed and paved the way through her whole life. And not just for her, but for all her brothers and sisters as well. So, fast forward to “Accepted to Harvard”. How long do you think it took for mom and dad’s cheers to be replaced with wide eyes of shock? Shock of the financial commitment. Harvard. Gulp.

So the stage is set. Can the Ortiz family shoulder this financial commitment to one of the most prestigious universities in the world? Or will they just live with the memory and a framed acceptance letter in their hallway. Behind tear filled eyes, the freshman from North Hills California stares down the massiveness of Harvard and introduces them to the human side of who they are. I’ll let her tell the story.

Bravo Lucerito. Bravo Mr. and Mrs. Ortiz. Bravo Harvard

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