Prepare for none of it to work

The Obstacle Is The Way

In Nick Saban fashion, Ryan Holiday speaks to the verdict of our plans working out…or should I say “The Process”:

“Problems, as Duke Ellington once said, are a chance for us to do our best.

Just our best, that’s it. Not the impossible.

We must be willing to roll the dice and lose. Prepare, at the end of the day, for none of it to work.

Anyone in pursuit of a goal comes face-to-face with this time and time again. Sometimes, no amount of planning, no amount of thinking-no matter how hard we try or patiently we persist-will change the fact that some things just aren’t going to work.

The world could use fewer martyrs.

We have it within us to be the type of people who try to get things done, try with everything we’ve got and, whatever verdict comes in, are ready to except it instantly and move on to whatever is next.

Is that you? Because it can be”.

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