How Sean McVay changed the Rams’ culture

He took control, but he empowered others. He pushed his players, but not harder than he pushed himself. He communicated his message, but he also listened. He built a following, but he never demanded it. He set the standard, but he put the onus on others to uphold it.

Culture in an organization is not “ethereal.” A “something” that just feels good. “We’ve got such a great culture at company blah blah…I love working here!” Next year, out of business.

The Rams have built a winning culture in LA. Sean McVay brought it. Unwavering in his approach. Bill Walsh and John Wooden taught him well. The ESPN article is worth reading.

I’m preaching these highlights to myself:

  • 1. Be On Time; 2. Respect Our Players; 3. Live Our Standards
  • More accountability, higher expectations, greater energy.
  • Process over results
  • Zero tolerance with the rules. You gotta do the rules.
  • If it’s not right, re-run it to get it right, make it perfect.
  • Uphold the standards that are agreed upon.
  • Get guys who are open and willing to be coached
  • He wasn’t afraid to admit what he did not know.
  • Teaching fundamentals is a priority.

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