I’m a seasoned producer and creative director. There’s not too much I haven’t seen through the years. I can take practically any size project and complete it on time and on budget. I have worked solo as a one-man band and with large production teams of 50-75. Video has been the main focus of my work, although print and web fill out the menu of what the marketing arena continues to demand.

Anybody who’s been in this business for the past 15 years knows this: you can’t do just one thing and survive. You must be curious about all aspects of communication. So the hats I’ve worn out have been video producer, creative director, marketer, manager, writer and editor. This has given me a broad scope on how to complete projects and work with teams.

I’ve won 10 separate Telly Awards for videos I’ve produced. Was named as one of the top 100 video producers for Video Producer Magazine. Produced a national TV spot and created a children’s story to unearth the mission statement of a beauty industry giant.

All of this experience boils down to a few key skills:

— I know how to tell a story
— Leadership and creatives don’t speak the same language…I translate
— I know my weaknesses…and I know who to call to make it a strength
— I’ve been micromanaged so I know that doesn’t work. I let pros do their work
— My kids like to eat food…so I know how to execute
— I know how to motivate creative people to get their very best
— Great ideas are terribly hard to come by…I know

Specialties: Creative team leadership, storytelling and concept creation

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